Commissioning for a portrait is a wonderful and perhaps scary undertaking. Of course you have selected a painter you like, and if that person is me, I am so grateful for this honor. But still, you are about to get *** vereeuwigd through someone else’s view. 

It is my job to see you for more than what a photograph can tell you. 

So you'll have impression of the


Head and shoulders € 1.500,- 30-40 cm to 40-50 cm
Half figure (without hands) € 2.500,- 40-50 cm to 60-70 cm
Three quart figure (with hands) € 4.000,- 60-70 cm to 80- 100 cm
Full figure € 5.000,- 100 to 200 cm
Multiple figures Price on request  

These rates are based on average size canvas or panels without objects and with a smooth background

The rates are:

    • including introductory meeting, photography and sketches (depending on the location and the wishes of the model)
    • including taxes
    • including material (panel, paint)
    • excluding frame
    • exclusief travel expenses (if applicable)

Wilt u een prijsindicatie op maat of wilt u meer info neem dan contactmet mij op.